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On October 15, 2014, Till announced that RRL, its wholly owned subsidiary, had acquired 3,000,000 units of Challenger Deep Resources Corp.
So in addition to regular public auto and commercial transport insurance (drawn predominately on ISO forms with liability, bodily injury, damage and medical cover), RRL does property, general liability, ancillary coverages, employment practices liability insurance, workers' comp and some directors and officers.
Whitelaw says forming an RRL team is nowhere near as expensive as the $5-million plus to fund an IndyCar roster of cars and drivers.
The analyzer of the RRL was a Hitachi 911 (Boehringer Mannheim).
The RRL currently produces six varieties of frozen meat and vegetarian ready meals.
From riding around the RRL Ranch in Lauren's vintage 1948 jeep, and a private tour of the property that includes tepees furnished with antiques and whimsical artifacts, the hour is sure to make television viewers feel as though they have stepped inside a Ralph Lauren advertisement with the breathtaking views of the mountains of Telluride as the backdrop.
RRL benefits from Transpower's strict adherence to the New Zealand Regulatory Risk Management framework, enhanced by its own integration within Transpower's risk structure.
Rocket Racing League, RRL and 3D Raceway-In-The-Sky are trademarks of Rocket Racing League.
RRL is dedicated to providing safe and thrilling experiences for families through live events, television broadcasts and interactive technologies.
The RRL offers an integrated, fully automated solution for the weighing and packing of fresh products into top seal trays.
First Release in RRL Video Game Franchise Where Rocket Racer Reality Meets Virtual Racing
The RRL is a first-of-its-kind aerospace sports and entertainment league formed by Granger Whitelaw, two-time Indy 500 champion team partner, and X PRIZE founder Peter Diamandis, renowned space travel enthusiast.