RPR test

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rapid plasma reagin (RPR) test

 [rap´id plaz´mah re´ah-jin]
any of a group of screening flocculation tests for syphilis, using a modified VDRL antigen.

rap·id plas·ma re·a·gin test

a group of serologic tests for syphilis in which unheated serum or plasma is reacted with a standard test antigen containing charcoal particles; positive tests yield a flocculation. A modification, called the RPR (circle) card test, is widely used as a screening test.
Synonym(s): RPR test

RPR test

abbreviation for rapid plasma reagin test, a screening test for syphilis.

RPR test

Rapid plasma reagin test, reagin test Lab medicine A test for syphilis in which the Pt's serum is incubated with reagin, a lipoidal antigen containing cardiolipin–diphosphatidylglycerol, cholesterol, lecithin. See Biological false positivity.
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The RPR test had an unacceptably low sensitivity as a syphilis screening procedure, indicating a low syphilis prevalence of only 1% (the TPHA test indicated a prevalence of 11.
Although no large studies have been undertaken to determine the incidence of this prozone phenomenon in HIV-infected patients, particular care in this regard should be exercised in those patients in whom the clinical suspicion for syphilis is high when the RPR test returns negative.
An RPR test was also done on site, and all RPR--positive mothers were treated with benzathine penicillin according to national guidelines.
Serological testing for syphilis was performed using both a quantitative non-treponemal RPR test (Immunotrep, Omega Diagnostics, Alloa, Scotland, UK) and a treponemal test (FTAABS, Marburg, Germany).