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A genus of plants including the roses (family Rosaceae); several varieties are the sources of rose oil: Rosa alba, cottage rose; Rosa centifolia, the pale rose or cabbage rose (source of official rose oil); Rosa damascena, damask rose; and Rosa gallica, red rose or French rose.
[L. rose]
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ROSO comes under the auspices of the Royal Guard of Oman.
3) ExxonMobil, the ExxonMobil logo, Label-Lyte and ROSO are trademarks of Exxon Mobil Corporation.
The Army Welfare Service (AWS) has a requirement for the provision of training courses primarily for Unit Welfare Officers / Warrant Officers, Regimental Operational Support Officers & Regimental Operational Support Warrant Officers for the TA (UWO, UWWO, ROSO & ROSWO) or civilian equivalent in Army or Tri-Service Establishments.
Clearly his enthusiasm was infectious, as the ROSO musicians performed beautifully under his baton, sounding the best they have in a long time.