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Chronic disorder involving the tarsus (i.e., hock) of the horse.
See also: bog spavin, bone spavin, blood spavin.
Synonym(s): jack spavin, jack


1. male donkey; called a stallion in Great Britain.
2. see track leg.

jack colt
male donkey less than 3 years of age.
mule jack
one bred to mares for the production of mules.
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Our new PC Card has been designed with a coupler that includes two RJ-11 ports for connection to your phoneline network and one RJ-45 so the PC Card could also function as a 10/100 network PC card.
Two RJ-11 voice interface ports manage analog telephone connection: one FXS voice interface to connect an analog phone for low-cost calling via a VoIP service or VoIP access to the corporate LAN; and one FXO voice interface for placing and receiving calls routed through the traditional telephone service provider on the regular PSTN line.
A choice of either a PCMCIA RJ-11 cable or pop-out RJ-11 connector are available.
An Ethernet connection provides a plug-and-play solution that enables operators to offer quick access to high-speed data and two built-in RJ-11 ports provide easy-to-use voice and fax capability.
5 inches) connects by standard telephone cords and RJ-11 modular connectors to the fax machine and any kind of fax/modem installed in the computer.
Combining the easy-to-use pen-based, touch-screen Wizard personal information organizer with the ultra-compact, new CE-FM4 Fax/Modem, the OZ-952OFX Wizard Pocket Communicator allows users to create and send faxes, transmit and receive modem messages and files, and connect to on-line services through any standard RJ-11 phone jack.
Gold Crown Club Corporate Card program benefits for the individual include: corporate rate at all Best Western hotels; amenities, which vary by hotel, and may include complimentary room upgrades, newspaper, coffee in room, local calls, or continental breakfast; business services, which may include airport transportation, RJ-11 modular phone jacks in room, meeting facilities, free fax service, and secretarial services; and a handy reference Corporate Travel Directory, which lists information on all Best Western locations.
The Slim Line model features a thin cord that has an RJ-11 phone jack on one end and a new slim connector on the other.