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Chronic disorder involving the tarsus (i.e., hock) of the horse.
See also: bog spavin, bone spavin, blood spavin.
Synonym(s): jack spavin, jack


1. male donkey; called a stallion in Great Britain.
2. see track leg.

jack colt
male donkey less than 3 years of age.
mule jack
one bred to mares for the production of mules.
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Then solder the leads to an RJ-11 or form into solid wires you can solder to hookup wires or hardwire direct to a wiring block.
Once the connection is made, just plug the RJ-11s into the phone circuit and transmit away.
All cable connections will be made with RJ-11 or RJ-45 connectors that plug directly into the back of these DB-25 plugs.
The amphenol connector plugs into the back of the patch panel, which has on its front the requisite number of RJ-11 type jacks (eight or twelve RJ11s or six RJ-45s).
In either case, the opposite side of this contraption is an RJ-11 type jack.
Two RJ-11 voice interface ports manage analog telephone connection: one FXS voice interface to connect an analog phone for low-cost calling via a VoIP service or VoIP access to the corporate LAN; and one FXO voice interface for placing and receiving calls routed through the traditional telephone service provider on the regular PSTN line.
housing box with RJ-11 socket etc complete in all respect including cat-6 Data cable conduits as required.
11 a/b/g module for networking connectivity, an RJ-11 phone jack for VoIP phone connection, a smart card reader for accessing external media, and a high-speed USB interface to allow future extension of peripherals.