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RIFM generates, evaluates and distributes scientific data on the safety assessment of fragrance raw materials found in personal and household care products.
2000) and designed using information in the RIFM proprietary database (RIFM 2004) and according to the needs of the scientific community and the general public.
The discussion topics will include: "The Reach Code: An Overview of EFEO and REACH Today, the Link between REACH and GHS, Decoding REACH 2018"--Eric Angelini, EFEO technical committee co-chair and VP-global regulatory affairs and product safety, Mane, France and Jens-Achim Protzen, EFEO technical committee co-chair and managing director, Paul Kaders GmbH, Germany; "Updating Criteria for RIFM Safety Assessments: How We Approach Naturals"--David K.
The online research tool is available 24/7 and will also include: RIFM Scientific Methodology papers, an archive of RIFM's earlier publications on the safe use of fragrance materials, other scientific publications supporting RIFM's mission and a pre-recorded webinar on the criteria used to process RIFM's Fragrance Material Safety Assessments.
We are blessed to have RIFM," Herman told the audience.