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Madhuri Singal, Manager, Respiratory Science at RIFM said, "We are proud to unveil the RIFM 2-Box Air Dispersion Model.
The group assessment approach that RIFM used to test these fragrance materials is based on structural relationship and enables consistency in predicting metabolism and toxicity.
In addition, the RIFM accepts proposals for sponsored scientific research and will work jointly with interested third parties to further knowledge on health and environmental issues.
The Environmental Science Program at RIFM encompasses aquatic and terrestrial testing, biodegradation and bioaccumulation studies, and risk assessments of priority fragrance materials-used for agency evaluations and industry REACH compliance.
Singal's previous work is now available and look forward to the use of similar mechanistic research in the RIFM respiratory program, as we develop alternative methods for safety assessment.
A reprint of the complete correspondence can be downloaded from the RIFM web site at http://www.
Novel Methodology Is Validated For RIFM Sponsored Investigation Of The True Prevalence Of Fragrance Allergy
This is another clear example that the RIFM team continually improves the science behind the safe use of fragrance materials in consumer products," said Dr.
These top cited RIFM articles were recognized in 2010 by scientific publishing giant Elsevier.
Salvito, RIFM Vice President of Environmental Science, is one of the co-authors.
Find more information about the Expert Panel on the RIFM web site at www.
IFRA refute what they perceive to be scaremongering claims made in the press release by Dr Epstein and believe they undermine the well established and worldwide respected IFRA Safety Program and the scientific research done by RIFM.