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A small fragment resulting from breakage, cutting, or avulsion.


Etymology: AS, kippen, to slice
1 n, a relatively small piece of a bone or tooth.
2 v, to break off or cut away a small piece.
3 n, a semiconductor in which an integrated circuit is embedded.



n a logic element containing electronic circuit components, both active and passive, embedded in a cohesive material of any shape.
chip blower,

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In large volumes, the price of the RFMD GPS RF8110 RFIC bundled with core GPS software is approximately $3.
The hardware component of the solution is a mixed-signal RFIC built in 0.
The RF receiver is the first complete silicon-based RFIC successfully designed and taped out using the entire Analog Office design flow from schematic capture, through simulation, analysis, layout, extraction and complete design rule check (DRC), and layout versus schematic (LVS) verification.
We are looking forward to working with this customer and other mutual Jazz customers on future silicon RFIC designs.
Fabless RFIC semiconductor companies are faced with very short design cycles and increasing integration rates due to the pressures of the consumer marketplace.
Meeting tight specifications and manufacturing reliably in high volume are critical for today's consumer-oriented RFIC designs," said Pete Rodriguez, chief executive officer of Xpedion Design Systems.
Xpedion and IBM have worked closely together for several years to provide our mutual customers with leading RFIC simulation and manufacturing capabilities," said Pete Johnson, Xpedion's director of marketing.
Xpedion Design Systems, the leading provider in next generation RFIC simulation, today announced immediate availability of the latest version of its GoldenGate(TM) simulator, version 3.