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We might postulate that the first two of these functions are served by REM dreams, and the third by NREM dreams.
Research documents that the representation of Self in REM dreams is frequently similar to the perception of Self in wakefulness (point 5 in the scale), with almost all representations falling in the range of points 4 and 5.
The 5-7 year olds seldom report any self activity in their accounts of REM dreams, even though at the same age children are reporting activities as the most salient aspect of their waking self concept (Keller, et al, 1978).
Remembered dreams tend to be REM dreams for at least two reasons: REM dreams predominate later in the night; NREM stage 3 sleep predominates during the early part of the night, and NREM stage 2 occurs across the night.
The befriender percent reaches 90% in NREM as opposed to only 54% for REM dreams.