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Abbreviation for microtubule-associated proteins , under protein.


Abbreviation for:
Multivessel Angioplasty Prognosis Study


an important feature of epidemiological investigations. Maps with special features suited to data analysis are grid, isodemic, isopleth and spot maps.
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The Royal British Legion RBL held a service at the site in Staffordshire yesterday to mark the new dedication, called Never Forget, created in the shape of a giant poppy.
In order to calculate demand-based levels for each SBSS, RBL needs historical demand data and pipeline information from all SBSS accounts.
There are still several other RBLs active on the internet.
In addition to its marketing and sales operation, servicing the top end of the trade, RBL has a full logistics service aimed at giving suppliers a clear way to market.
A public meeting, attended by RBL representatives, is due to be held tonight in a bid to find ways to boost membership.
The branch invites anyone who wishes to join the RBL to ring 01287 651002
Whilst the RBL in London has been vociferous in berating HM Government about issues concerning saving personnel, it has, in the opinion of legion members locally have failed miserably in its responsibilities to ex-service personnel in Wales who might be in need.
In the semi-finals Esclusham will confront Sunny Rhyl with Colwyn Bay RBL taking on Llanrwst, dates and venues to be arranged.
This TWR includes the sum of the POS, which in the vast majority of cases is the RBL minus one, and the IRSP level.
3 /PRNewswire/ -- The Stroh Brewery Company, the nation's fourth largest brewing company, and Rajasthan Breweries Limited (RBL), of Rajasthan, India, have signed a licensing agreement that will allow RBL to produce, distribute and market Stroh's and Stroh's Super Strong beers throughout India.
Additionally, FreeBSD VPS v3 includes Sendmail RBL (real-time blacklist), the easiest way to block a majority of spammers.