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A propellant used for aerosol sprays; has anesthetic and arrhythmogenic activity if inhaled in high concentration.
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The increase in late aircraft missions because of R-11 refueling trucks seems dramatic at first look, rising from 0.
The major manufacturers had voluntarily agreed to phase-out the most widely used CFCs, those known as R-11 and R-12, long before the legal phaseout date.
Gage of the same EPA lab, reported on thermodynamic evaluations that indicate both HFC-236ea and HFC-245ca are "worth further analysis as replacements" for R-12 and R-11.
Avoid repellents that contain R-11 (recently rated as environmentally unsound by the Environmental Protection Agency) or 100 percent deet; 50 percent deet, found in such repellents as Repel or Off, is just as effective and is less likely to produce skin reactions.
Solar radiation collects inside its double-glazed windows and well-insulated sheath (R-30 in the ceiling, R-19 in the walls, and R-11 under the floor).
R-11 School District, has found myriad applications for Pixetell messages in his communications with staff, students, parents and others.
The crawl space of both models is two feet high and conditioned, with 2-inch (5-cm) foam board providing R-11 (R-1.
Sunday on 47th Street East near Avenue R-11, deputies said.
A1C Feliciano was defueling an HC-130P, and noticed a rise is the nozzle pressure gauge on the instrument panel of his R-11 refueler.
CFCs are not supposed to be manufactured after December 31st, but DuPont and Allied Signal, the main suppliers, have already stopped manufacturing both CFC's R-11 and R-12, the refrigerants most widely used since the middle of the century for large buildings, food storage and automobiles.
Super-insulating SeriousWindows offer full frame, high R-value of up to R-11.