Heinrich I., German physician, 1842-1922. See: Quincke pulse, Quincke puncture, Quincke sign.
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Quincke JA, Wortmann CS, Mamo M, Franti T, Drijber RA (2007) Occasional tillage of no-till systems: Carbon dioxide flux and changes in total and labile soil organic carbon.
Kona's focus is on enterprise customers, where Softlayer's level of control and transparency of assets and fault tolerant network design is a key advantage," said Gerardo Quincke, Cloud Services SoftLayer Focal Point, IBM Uruguay.
After prehydration, the fluid infusion was continued at minimal rate to maintain vein patency, regardless of any haemodynamic changes with the patient in the left lateral position, 2 mL of 5% hyperbaric lidocaine was injected intrathecally at L4-5 via a 27-gauge Quincke spinal needle.
In such cases, a sharp-bevel Quincke needle had been used for the procedure, but we prefer to use a non-coring Tuohy needle which is less likely to perforate the dura.
Among the straight variety, a 22-gauge spinal Quincke (end hole/spinal) needle may be used in the lumbar spine, while a 25-gauge needle may be used in the cervical spine.
Quincke's edema was described in 1882 by a German doctor - internist and surgeon Henry Quincke.
In vitro, Atraucan spinal needles have been shown to cause less cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) leakage than comparable Quincke (beveled tip), Sprotte, and Whitacre (pencil-point tip) spinal needles, (4-6) and may have potential clinical advantages over other spinal needles.
A distinction is made between Quincke type bevel spinal needles and pencil point spinal needles.
The AccuTarg Quincke and the AccuTarg Chiba point needles feature the MLE(TM) reflectors and can be used in radiology and for ultrasound guided procedures.
After lumbar puncture in the L3-4 space using a 25 gauge Quincke needle and confirming free flow of clear cerebrospinal fluid, 1.
5 to 5 Fr Fr Xiii Kit Combined Spinal - Epidural Xiv Epidural Kit Atraumatic Spinal Needle Xv Xvi Spinal Needle Tip Pencil Point Lot Xvii Xvii - Spinal Needle with Quincke Bevel: 1 Quincke Bevel Spinal Needle with 0.
A 25 G spinal needle (spinal needle Quincke type point, Becton Dickinson S.