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A class of alkaloids that are derived biosynthetically from anthranilic acid.
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Refluxing of compound 1 and thiourea in absolute ethanol with a catalytic amount of potassium hydroxide furnished quinazoline thione derivative 9 in a good yield.
Pfizer with Quinazoline currently in Phase I clinical trials.
In particular, peganine and deoxypeganine, two quinazoline alkaloids, have a strong anticholinesterase activity (Frison et al.
alata leaves and from several studies that implicated the phytochemical property of colchicine, quinazoline alkaloids, e.
The leaves of the plant contain an essential oil and the quinazoline alkaloids vasicine, vasicinone and deoxyvasicine.
Under the terms of this agreement (financial details were not disclosed), BTG has obtained exclusive worldwide rights to a series of novel quinazoline anti-tumor agents developed by Professor Ann Jackman and colleagues at The Institute of Cancer Research.
anhydroacetyl-orthamidobenzamide (OED quinazoline, 1887q)
Comparative Study of the Vasodilatory Effects of Three Quinazoline Alkaloids Isolated from Evodia rutaecarpa, J.
The book contains six chapters covering synthesis, reactions and applications in the following subject areas: pyridazines, cinnolines, benzocinnolines and phthalazines; pyrimidines and quinazolines; pyrazines and related ring structures; phenzine, oxazine, thiazine and sulphur dyes; quinazoline alkaloids; six-membered rings with three or more hetero-atoms.
Through the development of new technologies and upholding the idea of "Be environment-friendly, efficient and energy-saving," we have successfully developed a series of products, including fluoro-pharmaceutical intermediates, trivalent chromium reagents, quinazoline series and others.
CUDC-101, a small organic molecule of the quinazoline class, inhibits several clinically and commercially validated cancer targets at the same time.
FSMA began the Quinazoline program in 2000 at the very initial stages of drug development, when risk is the highest.