Qui Tam Lawsuit

A lawsuit that attempts to recuperate money paid by the US government to a person convicted of fraudulent use of public money—e.g., research funds
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5 million to those same government entities to settle claims in the qui tam lawsuit about its role in the fraud.
has settled a qui tam lawsuit filed in the District Court of Florida for just over $17.
9] However, the court went on to hold that a relator-only qui tam lawsuit was unconstitutional in that such a prosecution violated the separation of powers doctrine and the Take-Care Clause in Article II section 3 of the United States Constitution.
Subsequently, in September 2008, a qui tam lawsuit was filed against Grand Canyon in the United States District Court for the District of Arizona.
Subsequently, a qui tam lawsuit was filed against Grand Canyon Education in September 2008 in the United States District Court for the District of Arizona on behalf of the federal government.
Department of Justice recently completed an exhaustive three-and-a-half year investigation into Hendrix's allegations, during which it requested JM Eagle to segregate and send to it certain pipe samples that had been produced prior to JM Eagle's knowledge of the qui tam lawsuit in 2006.
LOS ANGELES -- JM Eagle announced today that the Federal District Court in Los Angeles unsealed and publicly released its court order regarding the federal government's decision not to intervene in a qui tam lawsuit challenging the quality of its PVC (polyvinyl chloride) water pipe products and related processes.
NASDAQ:HWAY) today announced a proposed settlement of a qui tam lawsuit - filed in 1994 by a former employee on behalf of the United States government - related to the Company's former Diabetes Treatment Center of America (DTCA) business.
Philadelphia law firm McEldrew Young represented Mihajlovic, who filed a civil qui tam lawsuit under the False Claims Act in the U.
Gold Banc") (Nasdaq: GLDB) today announced the final settlement of the qui tam lawsuit captioned United States of America ex rel.
On June 15, 2004, Gold Banc issued a press release announcing that a Qui Tam lawsuit was pending in the United States District Court for the Western District of Oklahoma against it, Gold Bank - Oklahoma and Gold Bank - Kansas.
including the effect of the previously announced qui tam lawsuit on the merger.