Jump the Queue

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To unfairly circumvent or abruptly move up on the organ recipient wait list
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Queue jumping at the last-minute has become a norm.
Punish traffic offenders Dear Sir, Queue jumping at traffic signals has become rampant among motorists over the last few years as almost always no one is booked.
Angry consumers began rushing the store on Saturday afternoon after a "foreign" Apple employee allegedly stepped into the crowd to push and beat people suspected of queue jumping, the Beijing News said.
This is not queue jumping, but best use of the road layout.
The standard entry fee at Alton Towers is pounds 38, but priority tickets allowing queue jumping cost pounds 80 per person.
Doors open at 11pm until 3am, pounds 7/6, with no guest list or queue jumping.
London, Apr 14 (ANI): Talking too loudly on the mobile phone, bad manners, reality TV shows and queue jumping are just some of the things that make Britons' blood boil, a poll has found.
A DAD-OF-TWO has died after collapsing after an alleged row on a petrol station forecourt over queue jumping.
A SOCIAL care worker appeared in court yesterday after punching a man during a row over queue jumping.
With that and the queue jumping, bus travel in Birmingham is always an unpleasant and intimidating experience.
It must be acknowledged that the human treatment of offenders, including health, is an essential tenet of every civilised society; but that these miscreants be offered immediate treatment ahead of the rest of us, queue jumping in effect, is scandalous.
Then nothing beats queue jumping at the bus stop, with more than one-in-four (27%) Britons viewing this as a serious social faux pas, according to new research from Trueform, the UK's leading provider and manufacturer of end-to-end transport and infrastructure solutions.