Quaranfil virus

Quar·an·fil vi·rus

an ungrouped arbovirus isolated from human blood and from herons.
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All matches were within the polymerase genes of orthomyxoviruses; Quaranfil virus was the closest match ([approximately equals] 60% sequence identity).
The complete gene encoding the matrix gene was amplified by using PCR with published primers for Quaranfil virus (5) and then cloned and sequenced (GenBank accession no.
Quaranfil virus, a human pathogen that caused a mild febrile illness in children in Egypt (7), and Johnston Atoll virus, a tick-borne virus of birds, were previously identified as arenaviruses on the basis of morphologic characteristics (8); however, on the basis of sequence identity, they were subsequently determined to be orthomyxoviruses (5).