quantum yield

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quan·tum yield (φ),

the number of molecules transformed (for example, via a reaction) per quantum of light absorbed; the inverse of the quantum requirement.
Synonym(s): quantum efficiency

quan·tum yield

(φ) (kwahn'tŭm yēld)
The number of molecules transformed (e.g., through a reaction) per quantum of light absorbed; the inverse of the quantum requirement.
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Using the Company's high-efficiency UniversalPHOLED[TM] technology, white OLEDs can achieve up to a 100% internal quantum efficiency - meaning that all of the electrical energy can be converted into light.
With their values for dark noise (3 electrons) and quantum efficiency (over 80%), these rolling shutter models offer a price-effective option for manual light or fluorescence microscopy.
Using quantum dots (QD) and a process called Multiple Exciton Generation (MEG), the NREL researchers from the US Department of Energy's National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) were able to push the peak external quantum efficiency for hydrogen generation to 114 percent.
Our HIentropy[TM] host materials increase OLED device lifetime by 6 to 18X and external quantum efficiency by 25%.
This invention takes home-lab-detector technology to a completely new level with the largest monolithic active area, the highest Detective Quantum Efficiency, the highest speed, and the highest dynamic range.
In sections on basic, intermediate, and advanced concepts and dynamic and tomographic imaging, they consider such topics as digital imaging in diagnostic radiology, mathematics for linear systems, noise and detection quantum efficiency, digital subtraction angiography, and computed tomography.
The anti-blooming detector boasts a peak quantum efficiency of 56%, and the camera downloads a full frame in 13 seconds via a USB 2.
Sensitivity, speed, responsivity, quantum efficiency, photocurrent gain and power dissipation are the important characteristics of a photodetector.
Thus, this study aimed to evaluate the maximum quantum efficiency of photosystem II and the production of fruits of citrus scion-rootstock combinations under saline water irrigation and N doses.
In this case, the ratio of the coincidence count rate to the single count rate was 80%, where the loss at filters and the quantum efficiency of the detectors were compensated.
Features include the S-Vue imaging engine that, according to the company," provides dependable and accurate diagnoses in various conditions with reliably clear images, enhanced sharpness and clarity, and adjustable contrast presets"; a wireless S-Detector with high detective quantum efficiency and a portable grid that displays the patient's body structure clearly and easily without increasing dose; Smart Control, which enables the operator to precisely position the entire system with one touch of the control panel's buttons.
We calculate quantum efficiency (QE), the average number of excitons created by a single absorbed photon, in 3D arrays of Si29H36 quantum dots, NWs, and quasi 2D silicon nanofilms, all with both crystalline and amorphous core structures.

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