quantum yield

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quan·tum yield (φ),

the number of molecules transformed (for example, via a reaction) per quantum of light absorbed; the inverse of the quantum requirement.
Synonym(s): quantum efficiency

quan·tum yield

(φ) (kwahn'tŭm yēld)
The number of molecules transformed (e.g., through a reaction) per quantum of light absorbed; the inverse of the quantum requirement.
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To calculate the polymer diffusion coefficient during film formation, one then assumes that the normalized increase in the quantum efficiency of energy transfer [f.
The internal quantum efficiency at each wavelength is given from [n.
Usually, a real sample is not a single material but rather consists of a mixture of different materials, each of which will contribute to the overall CL emission according to its quantum efficiency and its reaction rate.
Improvements in the quantum efficiency of detection for tungsten films fabricated into TES sensors will have a significant impact on several areas of research, including metrology for quantum key distribution systems, quantum optics, and linear optical quantum computing.
Another advantage of the GaN-on-GaN approach is the flexible choice of crystal growth plane, which has demonstrated advantages in high peak internal quantum efficiency and low-droop LED performance.
0 has quantum efficiency values of over 70% at 600 nm and 50% at 750 nm, and has only 1.
The specific requirements of single photon detectors include operation at telecommunication wavelengths, low dark count, low afterpulse rate, high single-photon quantum efficiency and number resolving capability," says Frost & Sullivan (http://frost.
The new TES photon counters have a very broad spectral response, from the near-infrared (3000 nm) through the visible and into the deep-ultraviolet (100 am) with a quantum efficiency of about 50%.
8M) with a 15% improvement in peak quantum efficiency (75%), the MYO and KINO offer scientists the ability to visualize much finer details at much higher sensitivity.
Quantum efficiency : 80% or higher, peak between 600nm and 500nm
where g is the PMT gain, e is the elementary charge, Q ([lambda]) is the quantum efficiency of the PMT photocathode at wavelength [lambda], and [E.
By increasing quantum efficiency and reducing noise, "Exmor R" improves sensitivity and dynamic range for sharp, high-quality color images.

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