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A capsule or tablet of the illicit drug methaqualone.


a trademark for a sedative-hypnotic (methaqualone). It is no longer distributed in the United States.


An addictive Schedule-II hypnotic-sedative quinazolone with barbiturate-like effects which, when it was legal, was used to reduce anxiety and tension. It was a popular drug of abuse, and it was linked to physical or psychologic dependence.

Clinical findings
Delirium, headache, nausea, pyramidal signs, convulsions, renal and cardiac failure; rarely, aplastic anaemia.
Oral, injected, sniffed, smoked.
Management of overdose

Toxic range
> 8 µg/mL, serum; > 300 µg/L, urine.
20–60 hours.
Serum, random urine.


Methaqualone, see there.
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Seven compared GHB to alcohol (41%), five described it as "like Ecstasy" (30%), two compared it to quaaludes (12%), and one compared it to a "mild heroin" (6%).
Among those pills mentioned were Xanax, Vicodin, Ritalin, Adderall, Quaaludes (or "lemons"), "other anti-anxiety pills" and "pain killers.
It] reads like the sort of imitation of a Thomas Pynchon novel that a dogged but ungainly fan of this author's might have written on quaaludes.
Bill James famously described Freedman as "George Steinbrenner on quaaludes.
Listening to and watching the artist's friends, many of whom are raving drunk or stoned on Quaaludes, is not always pleasant.
It's meth today, crack yesterday, Quaaludes before that, PCP before that, and so it goes.
People were doing these death drugs from harmless marijuana and LSD to heroin and PCP and Quaaludes.
If the legal prescription of the "love drug" Quaalude is restored, how likely is it that the overprescribing that went on during the 1970s, when Quaaludes were legal, would reoccur?
Recreational drugs" -- pot, acid, speed, Quaaludes, amyl nitrate -- had become popular.
Polanski cuenta que la adolescente le hablo de su gusto por el champagne y de que habia probado los Quaaludes.