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n quality of life, a subjective assessment of one's emotional and physical well-being.

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Q. Do you have an outline of a specific protocol to follow to improve the quality of life when living with FM? Hello my new friends, I have been living with fibromyalgia for more than eight years and about three years ago the symptoms got so bad that I was not able to go to work and barely look after myself. Over the last three years I have tried many different medications and treatments but have not had many long term improvements. I am currently using narcotics, Lyrica, to manage the pain and am going to massage and cranial secreal therapy on a regular basis as I have found they assist with coping. Do you have an outline of a specific protocol to follow to improve the quality of life when living with FM? Anything that may assist with improving would be greatly appreciated.

A. Hi friend, are u ready to Get Well? Our study titled "Effective Treatment of CFS and Fibromyalgia showed that over 90 percent of patients improved with treatment (p. 0001 vs. placebo), with an average improvement in quality of life of 90 percent. Many patients no longer even qualified for the diagnosis of CFS or fibromyalgia after treatment! In support of our work, an editorial in the Journal of the American Academy of Pain Management (the largest multidisciplinary society of pain specialists in United States) noted " the comprehensive and aggressive metabolic approach to treatment detailed in the Teitelbaum study are all highly successful approaches and make fibromyalgia a very treatment responsive disorder. The study by Dr. Teitelbaum et al. and years of clinical experience make this approach an excellent and powerfully effective part of the standard of practice for treatment of people who suffer from fibromyalgia and myofascial pain syndrome”.

Q. my friend has convulsions what can i do to make it stop and improve his life quality?

A. what type of convulsions? my best friend is epileptic, but as long as he get's his meds and sleep well- nothing ever happens. i know that as a child all my friend ever wanted was to go to school like everyone else... and to go to school trips without being afraid.

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Understanding clients' perceptions of their QOL facilitates the development of individualized care plans and the implementation of effective nursing interventions.
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