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QOF indicators measure only a fraction of the health care provided by a practice to their patients, and the analysis of other (nonincentivized) activities might yield different results.
The Department of Health has recently completed a consultation exercise on the future development of the QOF, with the intention of improving the evidence base for the QOF and for increasing the transparency by which decisions on the content of the QOF are taken.
2010) in a cross-section study of 1,531 family practices in London found that those with better QOF quality for coronary heart disease (CHD) had lower CHD mortality rates, especially for deprived patients.
However, Dr Steel said it could not be concluded that care for people with conditions outside the QOF had got worse, just that it was not improving in line with conditions included in the contract.
Of the clinical registers collected for QOF that measure disease prevalence, prevalence was highest for hypertension (13.
Performance improvements from the QOF scheme have been limited, mainly due to generally high levels of achievement at the time the scheme was implemented (Doran et al.
Yet Coventry has among the lowest QOF scores in the country, ranking 149th out of 152 local authorities.
The rest of the list, with all other matches being played on Saturday, is: FIRST DIVISION - Ayr Utd v Airdrie (C Charleston), Morton v Inverness CT (B Winter), Raith Rov v Partick Th (E Norris), Ross Co v Qof South (G Salmond).
GP practices can earn around pounds 124,000 every year if they achieve 100 per cent of the QOF target (average achievement is 96 per cent).
From evidence now available, both East Semitic and West Semitic in the Early Bronze Age have only the qof and the sad as emphatics.
We do not attempt to assess the impact of the QOF on admissions because we do not have data on quality before the QOF was introduced.
GP practices receive 40% of their funding according to how many QOF points they score out of a maximum 1,000.