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Quality assessment team. A UK group of health professionals and administrators which oversees a service commissioned by a primary care trust (PCT) and implemented by a hospital trust.

Quality Assessment Team roles (e.g., cervical screening programme)
• Monitor outcomes;
• Visit site regularly to monitor process;
• Report to the regional Department of Public Health;
• Route to performance management by the Strategic Health Authority;
• Point of contact for national screening.


, kat, qat (kot) [Arabic qāt]
A plant (Catha edulis) found in east Africa and the Arabian peninsula whose leaves are chewed for their stimulant properties.

The leaves contain norpseudoephedrine (a drug with amphetamine-like properties that can cause anxiety, insomnia, and, occasionally, psychosis).

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Khalid Al-Mansub, a local farmer living and working in the Autma reserve, said that he stopped growing grain and switched to qat after the 2011 uprising for a number of reasons.
The problem of qat addiction has become more serious in recent years.
The purpose of this QAT exercise is to determine the academic standards of the partner schools.
The Company trades on CNSX under the symbol QAT and in the United States on the OTCQB under the symbol QATSF.
Al-Jeffri pointed to the need to find alternative means for young people rather than the chewing of Qat and to continue in raising awareness of Qat's risks in the society, noting to the role played by civil society organizations in this aspect.
Regrettably, the coffee for which Yemen was famed is something of a rarity these days since most of the land used for its cultivation has since been given over to growing qat, so Nescafe is more likely to be served.
Similarly, 13th QAT of private schools partnering under Education Voucher Scheme (EVS) and 10th Quality Assurance Test of New School Program (NSP) will be held between Feb.
The clashes started when qat merchants at the market refused to continue paying taxes to the Bayt Hanash tribe on Sunday," said Khalid Al-Ghubari, a member of the Houthi Political Office in Dhamar governorate.
Sindhiani Tehreek, the women wing of the QAT, staged protest demonstrations in Thatta and Sujawal burning tyres on National Highway and forcibly closed shops.
MIBI"), through its marketing agreement with QAT, today announced that their real-time market sentiment navigator software application Stealth Analytics (c) is available via the Bloomberg Professional service, as a new feature called the Bloomberg App Portal.
First Yemeni Wedding Ceremony without Qat You must bear in mind, chewing Qat in Yemen is a common tradition and chewing Qat in wedding ceremony is a MUST.
During his meeting with the World Bank (WB)'s mission, al-Arhabi pointed out that the Qat cultivation represents one of the big problems facing the government efforts in addressing the water scarcity and depletion.