Love Wave

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A type of seismic surface wave with a horizontal motion perpendicular to the direction the wave is travelling
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In chronic Chagas disease, the presence of abnormal Q-waves in a resting surface ECG, previous episodes of ventricular tachycardia, low heart rate variability, and high spectral turbulence in SAECG are predictors of cardiac death and new onset ventricular tachycardia.
The following variables were assessed as predictors for the composite endpoint: i) Q-wave, ii) LVEF<50%, iii) VT, iv) 24-h SDNN<100 ms, v) DUR>150 ms, and vi) IVET + .
In a stepwise multivariate Cox model, four significant variables were retained: Q-wave, VT, IVET+, and SDNN<100 ms.
In the present study, we showed that electrical markers (abnormal Q-wave, previous VT episodes, 24-h SDNN<100 ms and IVET + ) are independent predictors of adverse outcome defined as cardiac death and new onset ventricular tachycardia.
We also cannot exclude that the incidence of new Q-waves was possibly overestimated in the present study, because Q-waves on ECG are difficult to interpret postoperatively (28).
Use of survival analysis to determine the clinical significance of new Q-waves after coronary bypass surgery.
New Q-waves after coronary artery bypass surgery for angina pectoris.
Perioperative myocardial Q-wave infarction occurred in 13 patients (6.
The postoperative release of cTnT reflects the actual amount of myocardial necrosis caused not only by Q-wave myocardial infarction and surgical trauma but also by smaller infarcts, which often are inapparent to the clinician.