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A lacto-ovo vegetarian of the 19th century, whose abstinence from meat was based on the belief that animals had a right to a complete and natural life
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Nothing Rash Must Be Said": Augustine on Pythagoras, HANS FEICHTINGER
Pythagoras notices his embittered attitude and tries to help our hero, but it's not going to be an easy task.
Pythagoras is desperate to save his friend, so he sets out in search of help, but soon discovers not everyone is as keen to protect Jason as he is.
While in Moments of Wonder, she said: "One of the first philosophers was Pythagoras.
This was a strange trio as Jason and Ulysses were the famous heroes of Greek mythology whereas Pythagoras was an actual person.
Now he, Pythagoras and Jason are on her trail - and turn to genius inventor Daedalus for help; what he gives them is a sense of hope.
Anyway, it wasn't long before he was bumping into Hercules, Pythagoras - cue cruddy gags about triangles - a minotaur and a two-headed lizard, not to mention Medusa herself.
And we're in BBC1's laughably ridiculous Atlantis, which got even more loopy when our hero hid in a house shared by Pythagoras and fat Dave from The Full Monty - a human Yorkshire pudding we're supposed to believe is Hercules.
Expect tales of Pythagoras to Hercules with drama aplenty.
The funny part is that Pythagoras never wrote anything in his lifetime, nor did his contemporaries write about him.
Nano's lines acoustically replicate their meaning, of course, making the audience hear how the ancient philosopher's name contains within it an ass, the beast whose form Pythagoras will supposedly later assume.