Pyramid Power

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The use of a model of an Egyptian pyramid as an instrument for healing, based on the belief that the Great Pyramids can accumulate and conduct living energies
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They may have been active explorers of altered states of consciousness, capable of interacting with natural forces using their minds, enhanced by pyramid power.
Twist and shout against the pyramid power, Dream strength creates every political tower, Some seeds never live to see their flower, Understanding hearts becoming sour.
Eric Flint and Dave Freer's PYRAMID POWER (1416521305, $24.
Or would bringing John Wooden out to a practice next week to impart some quiet pyramid power be the next step to avoiding another major misstep when it's time for one-and-done?
Traditional barrels may be the ideal shape for winemaking, but Stephen Cipes, proprietor of British Columbia's Summerhill Winery, puts his faith in pyramid power.
Chapter titles: Introduction; Gain and Loss - Why Water is Essential to Life; Go Power - What Carbohydrates Do; Fat Facts - How Fat Can be Good and Bad; Linked - The Formation and Importance of Protein in Your Body; Alphabet Nutrients - The Importance of Vitamins; Minerals - The Importance of Minerals; Veggies - The Difference Between Types of Vegetables, Fruits, Nuts and Grains; Pyramid Power - Guidelines for Daily Food Choices; Making Choices - Understanding Food Labels; Input-Output - How to Maintain a Healthy Body Weight; Food Changer - How Food is Digested in Your Body; Tasty - Why Foods Taste Different; Icy - How Ice Affects Foods; Sweet Stuff - Natural and Artificial Sweeteners; Salty - The Function of Sodium in Your Body; Colourful - Natural and Artificial Food Dyes; Pucker Up
Religion is the most common example of the control illusion--though astrology, pyramid power, and the huge number of magical solutions attest to the human animal's ability to conjure something out of nothing for personal comfort.
I see nothing to distinguish alien abduction--in its high moonshine content--from such other foolishness as astrology, Silva Mind Control (we once had a babysitter who swore she could find a parking place in Harvard Square by focusing her mind), pyramid power, numerology, the orgone box, phlogiston, Scientology, alchemy and the presence of witchcraft in Salem, Massachusetts--all of them wacko responses to the normal anxieties of everyday life.
Modern proponents of pyramid power say the triangular design does indeed attract odd socks, but not their own.
The Pyramid Power is realizing 150K in sales, running in 5 countries and launching its new advertising program to launch in more than 36 countries.
He hoped to "improve humanity's enjoyment of life" by demonstrating, once and for all, the magic of pyramid power in improving wine quality.
And as more chefs and food manufacturers experiment with new fat-reduced and fat-free ingredients, it is likely that an increasing number of supermarket delis will have pyramid power.