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Greek mythological character.
Pygmalion effect - self-fulfilling prophesy. Synonym(s): Rosenthal effect
pygmalionism - rarely used term for the state of being in love with an object of one's own creation.
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One of the comic highlights of the play, this scene sees Georgie, dressed only in sheer tights, her underwear and one of Andre's shirts -- which she has liberated from his bedroom, much to his discomfort -- enter into a wrestling match with her hapless Pygmalion, attempting to straddle him while he fights her off, quoting Nietzsche and James Joyce in a voice filled with panic.
In another writing, de Man says about Pygmalion that it focuses on the self s getting closer to being in artistic creation, where the work is given priority over the self.
Pygmalion 'describes the transformation of a Cockney flower-seller, Eliza Doolittle, into a passable imitation of a duchess by the phonetician Professor Henry Higgins, who undertakes his task in order to win a bet and to prove his own points about English speech and the class system: he teaches her to speak standard English and introduces her successfully to social life, thus winning his bet, but she rebels against his dictatorial and thoughtless behaviour, and 'bolts' from his tyranny.
CRM Learning, a leading publisher of video-based training programs for the last 20 years, has reintroduced to audiences in both education and business the phenomenon known as the Pygmalion Effect.
Chapter rive, "The Model Pygmalion and the Artist Galatea," continues in this vein by interpreting various works based on Ovid's famous myth, including Lemoyne's 1729 "Pygmalion Seeing His Sculpture Come to Life," Falconet's "Pygmalion," Rousseau's dramatic treatment, and Marie Salle's dancing the part of Galatea in the 1734 Opera Comique production.
We do know, however, that Ruskin disapproved of nudity in contemporary art, and that Burne-Jones at just this period was painting a series of pictures, his interpretation of the Pygmalion myth, in which the female nude is prominent.
The newel Undeterred, Lola sets out to at least wrest from Carla the lead role in the school's production of Pygmalion, wowing the locals with her talent and showing Carla that competition has finally come to town.
The granddaddy of all makeover movies, Lerner and Loewe's musical rendition of George Bernard Shaw's Pygmalion won eight Oscars for the tale of a flower girl transformed into the loveliest belle at the ball.
Enterline offers vivid readings of Petrarch as Actaeon, Pygmalion, and Orpheus, and argues that his fascination with Medea reveals an unconscious recognition of the feminine and maternal energies repressed but not finally contained in language.
After the teen Galatea turns her back on high-end prom culture, she returns to her loving middle-class home to find her smitten young Pygmalion patiently waiting for her.
Stemming from Merton's (1948) self-fulfilling-prophecy theory, the majority of expectations-related research has focused on the Pygmalion effect.
Anyone who recalls Walters from Educating Rita should relish seeing her graduate to the Pygmalion role with her own scruffy mongrel to transform.