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James J., U.S. neurologist, 1846-1918. See: Putnam-Dana syndrome.
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Dividends will be paid as follows: George Putnam Balanced Fund -- Class B Shares will pay a dividend of USD0.
While programs for new teachers are commonplace, Putnam County's approach takes it to a new level.
The timing of Putnam Lovell's renewal at Park Avenue Tower nicely coincided with the end of National Bank of Canada's lease, so it seemed like a good opportunity to take advantage of the office space and infrastructure Putnam Lovell already had in place," said Serge Lacroix, managing director and general manager of The National Bank of Canada.
Santa Clarita City Council members are relieved Putnam will stay on as a consultant through the next phase of the city's exhaustive fight to scuttle Transit Mixed Concrete's plan to mine 56.
Putnam published an article describing a disturbing trend in American civic life and culture.
The essay, which caught a lot of people's attention and made Putnam something of a minor celebrity on the talk show circuit, pointed out that baby boomers and Gen Xers are not nearly as big joiners as members of our parents' generation were.
Putnam expanded this discussion beyond the boundaries of political engagement by arguing that the entire spectrum of social connectedness in interpersonal, civic, and social life in America was eroding.
In 1995, Harvard political scientist Robert Putnam unleashed an unfortunate phrase on the country: "bowling alone.
Putnam Funds trustees said they have declared the following distributions on open-end funds:
KIEV-AM's George Putnam must have surprised more than a few regular listeners the other day when he halted a conspiracy theorist in mid-rant.