Purple Book

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A directory of transitional year programs for doctors wanting to sample multiple specialties before deciding on one. It provided information on required and elective rotations, call scheduling, etc.
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And although at the time this was seen as being an argument between different factions, who were all producing their own pamphlets--the Blue Labour e-book, the Purple Book, and Labour's Future from Soundings--in fact there was quite a lot of similarity between them in terms of their analysis.
New Labour also flirted with purple under Tony Blair - which explains the title of the Purple Book, a collection of essays by party members associated with the Blairite wing.
The FDA also created the purple book in September this year.
The GHS document, also known as "The Purple Book," establishes hazard classification and communication provisions with explanatory information on how to apply the system.
Data in the new edition of the Purple Book, published by the Pensions Regulator and the Pension Protection Fund today, shows a continuing rise in the proportion of defined benefit schemes that are closed not only to new entrants but also to future accrual by existing members.