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Applied research in business management is that research conducted with organisation (or a sub unit of the organisation such as a strategic business unit, a functional area or a division) as the referent, and pure research is one with idea as a referent.
The Bush administration is trying to sell the funding for the nuke program as pure research that won't necessarily lead to weapons production.
Within just a few years, we have succeeded in turning fuel cell technology from a pure research subject into a practicable system," says Burns.
The federal financing of this large inventory of cord blood stem cell units provided by this legislation will complete the evolution of this unique cell therapy from pure research to routine clinical practice," said Philip Coelho, CEO of the ThermoGenesis Corporation, a California-based company that manufactures blood processing and storage systems.
For researchers, it means access to one of just three such systems in the world, and the only one in the public sector devoted to pure research for building the nanoscale devices of the future.
After a year of just doing pure research and development, we came to market with our first products.
NDL "emphasizes process over product and the inherent necessity of pure research and development.
5) Where pure research and development activities are concerned, the rate and pace of technical change diminishes the time between the identification of a potentially valuable new technology and its deployment in a digital library service environment while the risks and costs associated with any decision to deploy a new technology remain stable or increase.
The study, by oil analysts Pure Research, found revenue from the North Sea was likely to be two-thirds higher than in 1999, at pounds 4.
Interval itself appears to be moving towards a more pragmatic commercial products direction with a new focus on the cable industry, more in line with its founder's recent interests and away from the pure research it was originally formed to carry out (CI No 3,754).
But her life as a scientist hasn't been a matter of pure research.
Life was hectic but really enjoyable with a terrific mixture of pure research at the college and working with students and running the artificial insemination side of an excellent commercial unit.