Punica granatum

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An essence which, in the pseudoscience of flower essence therapy, is said to enhance feminine warmth, creativity and a sense of nurturing.

Punica granatum,

n See pomegranate.
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Effect of Punica granatum flower aqueous and hydroalcoholic extracts on the KCl and oxytocin induced uterus contractions.
Effects of aqueous and hydroalcoholic extracts of Punica granatum flower on KCl-induced contractions in the presence of adrenergic antagonists.
The results of this study showed that aqueous and hydroalcoholic extracts of Punica granatum flower could induce spasmolytic effects on uterine muscle contractions caused by KCl, barium chloride or oxytocin.
Furthermore our results demonstrated the involvement of calcium channels in spasmolytic effects of Punica granatum flower in rat uterus, which may support the use of this plant in traditional medicine to relieve dysmenorrhea.
1 Fabaceae 2 Bread remains * * Allium sativum Garlic 18 cloves + 37 fg Triticum aestivum/ Free-threshing wheat 1 durum Punica granatum Pomegranate 3 Vitis vinifera Grape 10 + 1 fg fg = fragment * = present
and isolation and characterization of 2-galloylpunicalin from the bark of Punica granatum L Chem.
Punica granatum (pomegranate) extract is active against dental plaque.
Effect of Punica granatum (pomegranate) on sperm production in male rats treated with lead acetate.
Efficacy of Punica granatum extract on in-vitro and in-vivo control of Trichomonas vaginalis.
Punica granatum flower (PGF) is a traditional antidiabetic medicine.
We have recently demonstrated that Punica granatum flower (PGF), a Unani anti-diabetic medicine, is a dual activator of peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor (PPAR)-alpha and -gamma, and improves hyperglycemia, hyperlipidemia, and fatty heart in Zucker diabetic fatty (ZDF) rat, a genetic animal model of type 2 diabetes and obesity.
Punica granatum flower extract, a potent alpha- glucosidase inhibitor, improves postprandial hyperglycemia in Zucker diabetic fatty rats.