Pump Bump

Formally called Haglund deformity. An exostosis over the posterolateral aspect of the calcaneus caused by recurrent friction, ± bursitis
Cause Multifactorial—e.g., abnormal mechanics leading to excess motion of calcaneus, congenital deformity of calcaneus, irritation from women’s shoes known as ‘pumps’
Management Open-heeled/flat shoes, moleskin padding of calcaneus, cryomassage, orthotics to control excess motion; surgical excision
Exam Positive 2-finger squeeze test
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Beneath the resounding crunch of coping and squeal of urethane over pump bump, a gentler hum resonates through town--the faint chug of 50-mill wheels over sidewalk crack, the Snap of tail, the ting of truck on handrail.
Pump bump is the common term for a bony enlargement on the back of the heel.
In general, doctors prescribe anti-inflammatory medicines to treat pump bump.
The bums probably won't be a big deal as long as you're not planning to build a pump bump fight where they hang their hat.
After a 50-foot downhill colon-cleanse, the fullpipe whips up into a 20-foot, stomach-spilling pump bump, then flushes down again into a 60-foot fullpipe called The Sewer.
Conveyor belts then whisk lacerated carcasses toward The Processor--a series of jarring pump bumps and launch ramps designed to dislodge any loose flesh.
On one especially brutal attempt, he caught sideways air off the first pump bump and ass-checked the second one before flopping into a heap.
Once you've made the plunge you then have to choose between plopping into the bowl to the left (not advised), careening into the bleachers on the right (even less advised), or going straight into a series of pump bumps (frighteningly, the only choice).
Other common problems include bunions, bony growths at the base of the big toe caused by tight, ill-fitting shoes, and so-called pump bumps, where straps and the rigid backs of pump-style shoes cause a bony enlargement on the heel.