Charles B., U.S. surgeon, 1902-1973. See: Puestow procedure.
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Robert Puestow, managing director, Upsolut Sports UK said: "The British Triathlon Championships is triathlon for everyone.
Patients with a history of a Puestow procedure (lateral pancreaticojejunostomy) had a much lower mean yield, about 1,531 islet equivalents per kilogram.
4, an improved version of its integrated Advanced Materials Management System developed specifically for QAD by Puestow & Associates Inc.
Patients with tropical chronic pancreatitis who undergo the Puestow procedure not only have relief from pain but also improvement of diabetes.
The effect of modified Puestows procedure on diabetes in patients with tropical chronic pancreatitis-a prospective study.
LMS, developed for QAD by Puestow & Associates Inc, is designed to fulfill the needs of process- and commodity product-based companies who require the tracking of additional item inventory information at the lot, pallet and case level.
11) A resectional procedure may be useful if a Puestow procedure fails to ameliorate pain, (8) with as many as 75% of patients having a reasonable lifestyle after pancreatic resection.