P., 20th-century Czech physician. See: Hermansky-Pudlak syndrome.
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After several changes of head of the Music Information Centre, in 1995 Miroslav Pudlak, the current director, assumed the post on the basis of a contest.
WORCESTER - Lingyang Wang hovered by her scientific poster, which hung by chains from the ceiling of Abbott Bioresearch Center's cafeteria, and took occasional sips of iced tea as she explained the experiments she has conducted on mice and what they might mean for the rare genetic disease Hermansky Pudlak Syndrome.
Albinism: Ocular and Oculocutaneous Albinism and Hermansky Pudlak Syndrome (Richard A.
In 1983 the young Prague composers Petr Kofrori (1955), Miroslav Pudlak (1961) and Martin Smolka (1959) established Agon, an ensemble which in addition to their own works and compositions by their generational peers got down to performing pieces by foreign composers, mostly in thematically focused series.
It has recorded composer profile CDs of the music of Peter Graham and Miroslav Pudlak and the anthology The End of the 20th Century in Czech Music.
Its programme planners, Petr Bakla and Miroslav Pudlak, decided to stress music from abroad and try to give the local audience a taste of world standards rather than offer the often expected promotion of domestic music.
Composers like Miroslav Pudlak, Pavel Novak-Zemek and a whole series of others were entirely absent from the programmes.
You can read more about the whole project in the preface to the CD itself and so I here I shall just draw you attention to the article by Miroslav Pudlak, which is related to the CD and highlights some aspects of the contemporary Czech scene in composing.
At Klangspuren MoEns appeared reinforced by the Saxophone Quartet Bohemia with a programme of music by Miroslav Pudlak (1961), Marek Kopelent (1932), Hanus Barton (1960; Barton also plays in MoEns as a pianist) and Martin Hybler (1977).
Martin Smolka appeared on the Czech music scene in the Eighties, when together with the composer Miroslav Pudlak he founded the Agon ensemble.
The libretto is by Pudlak together with Lukas Jiricka and it employs many quotes from all kinds of different sources.
We return to the contemporary music scene with an interview with the composer Miroslav Pudlak and a review of the premiere of Martin Smolka's opera, Nagano.