Robert H., 20th-century U.S. neurosurgeon. See: Heyer-Pudenz valve.
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Medical materials and instruments for open surgery, laparoscopics surgery,staplers,endoscopic clipser, electrodes, pudenz valves,vascular bifurcated prosthesis,balloon catheters, hemostatic clips1.
Hired were Cassandra Pudenz as a senior marketing specialist and Alexandra Guzik as a marketing specialist.
Pudenz of Carroll, Iowa, repeatedly sought to expedite U.
Pudenz is charged with violating a ban on representing companies that he oversaw in government and with violating a conflict of interest law.
Pudenz, worked with Kabul Regional Contracting Center (KRCC) to modify the contract to incorporate the new boot specifications.
For instance, extrusion of less flexible catheters, such as the Raimondi spring wire or simple silastic, have been reported in most cases, although extrusion of more flexible peritoneal catheters, such as the Holter and Pudenz, have also been implicated.
A friendly corporate culture at CHS was a big attraction for Justin Pudenz.
Another paper from Convergence 2000, written by Michael Williams of Wilhelm PUDENZ GmbH, a German-based fuse manufacturer, points out that present single-piece zinc-alloy fuses will not be up to the demands of the 42V system.
Women's Best Assist: North Dakota's Katie Richards made a steal, passed to Jaime Pudenz, who returned a pass to Richards that set up an impressive Richards dish to Kami Winger for a lay-up against Augustana College.
Pudenz R: The surgical treatment of hydrocephalus-an historical review.
Zestaw for the treatment of hydrocephalus with a diaphragm valve Pudenz -10 kpl.