public relations

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public relations,

n the art and science of promoting good will within the public by a corporation or governmental agency.
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The Hollywood actor has taken private time out from publicity work on his new movie to help.
I also do more interviews, more publicity work and have sponsorship commitments and these things take up your time.
Don't think: How thoughtful of PBS to do the advance publicity work for Disney's upcoming movie.
Her contract will see her recording and doing publicity work in her school holidays.
Although since the twins were taken from us I've not been able to get a proper job and have to do media and publicity work to pay the bills.
A HISTORIC chapel at Llandovery has been awarded a pounds 3,000 grant by Carmarthenshire County Council towards conservation and publicity work.
She has worked with Richardson for around a decade creating award-winning road safety, education, training and publicity work for clients in and around the motorcycle industry.
She will act as a model for the charity's publicity work and will be an ambassador in their campaign to raise awareness of the condition in young people.
And they met up with friends such as former colleague Dean Gaffney, Corrie's Chris Bisson, who was last seen face down on the pavement after a day's drinking, and Jordan, who was in the south of Spain doing some publicity work.
Tom Cruise was out there doing publicity work (last) week and that helped to hold the picture up.
And major companies have commissioned some of the best for publicity work.