public relations

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public relations,

n the art and science of promoting good will within the public by a corporation or governmental agency.
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The more you use your imagination in this game, the more fun you are likely to have - and the more productive your publicity program will prove.
As head of Jane Wesman Public Relations, she has been the mastermind behind some of the company's most successful and far-reaching publicity programs, working with such publishers as Random House, Simon & Schuster, Warner Books, Wiley, McGraw-Hill, and Penguin.
The agency will also carry out publicity programs for Aerius in financial newspapers, magazines, daily newspapers, and on financial TV and radio programs in addition to trade publications in the wireless industry sector.
Tenders are invited for Carrying Out Ten (10) Cycles Of Van Publicity Programs In Pcra Western Region Covering 5 States I.
In addition, the agency provides publicity programs for clients that include national and regional business media coverage as well as trade exposure.
Previously, Szynal was instrumental in developing and executing some of Gillette's most successful product publicity programs, including those for the Gillette and Venus shaving brands.
Vendors need to work with their clients to bring out cost effective publicity programs, such as discussions and seminars among the providers.