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public relations,

n the art and science of promoting good will within the public by a corporation or governmental agency.
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He admits to feeling that he betrayed journalism by crossing over to flakdom, at least initially, and devotes an entire chapter to public relations as a dirty word.
Some City Council members - who ultimately have authority over the DWP's proposed 18 percent water rate hike - questioned the utility's spending on public relations.
More than 5,000 public relations professionals from across the country are expected to attend.
Tehama Group operates as a part of an advanced public relations practicum.
She has served on many national and local boards and is also past president of Healthcare Public Relations and Marketing Association of Southern California.
Paul Sanchez, APR, is executive vice president of Stoorza Ziegaus & Metzger, a full-service communication firm offering services in communication strategy, brand marketing, public affairs, public relations and advertising.
What evidence is there in school curricula that we are preparing public relations students for a fluid, boundaryless, hyper-real, chaotic, post-modern world; where knowledge is the only competitive advantage; where reputation, whether belonging to a transnational, community not-for-profit, or government agency is what all strategy is aligned toward; where the definition of stakeholder goes far beyond employee, shareholder or media; where communication is the fundamental process that links all parts of an organization?
Some universities are turning over the research and recruitment function to public relations agencies.
By 1993, most of those working in public relations in Russia connected PR with advertising.
Philadelphia PRSA, with more than 500 individual members, represents a large pool of public relations talent from the area's agencies, corporations and non-profit organizations," said PRSA President Michele Chierici.
in the March 1993 issue of Communication World said, "Considering marketing and public relations as the same function, in my view, is in the best interest of the corporation.
The Council of Public Relations Firms is an important industry resource thanks to the contributions and insights of the board of directors and its committees," said Kathy Cripps, president of the Council.

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