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Hitchens insists that a public intellectual should have "the ability to survey the present through the optic of a historian".
Defining the public intellectual allows Joeckel to argue that the "outsider or nonconformist" role assumed by those taking on the public intellectual persona is one Lewis assumed in his apologetics, as well as his apologue, which Joeckel argues are works "organized as a fictional example of the truth of a formulable statement or a series of such statements" (qtd.
Recognizing the work and commitment of public intellectuals as fruitful avenues for approaching and informing the foundations of democratic ideals, Endler argues that, "deliberative democracy in the form of comprehensive public debate represents the most promising way for America to (re-)constitute its identity in a world that has changed since September 11, 2001" (p.
The development of the Doctor of Arts in Teacher Education would improve the quality of classroom instruction while boosting the prestige of teachers as public intellectuals.
Reading Saul's sweeping survey - and thinking about the role of the public intellectual - reminded me of an American writer who also took chances, daring to pronounce grandly on everything from Emerson to automobiles.
Given Mulvaney's well-publicized opposition to the reburial of the Kow Swamp human remains by a local Aboriginal organization and his strong stand on the universality of human heritage, this notion of the engaged intellectual advancing unpopular views by means of rational argument is a fitting end to a book which honours both Mulvaney and the idea of the public intellectual.
The recollections and correspondence the author assembles here from Dewey, Niebuhr, and others provide a good portrait of one facet of American public intellectual life at mid-century, and a poignant reminder of how precarious, if also pragmatically guided, has been the road to public dialogue between religious apologists and secular humanists since that time.
Public intellectuals, Judt declares, have a duty to speak the truth no matter what the consequences may be, and he skewers those he believes have chosen to serve power instead.
Austin, a sociologist in search of a perch as America's newest Black public intellectual, is on a more popular mission--to reveal the vagaries of racial and ethnic construction and move America away from "essentialist" thinking.
Carey positions Brownson as a politically active public intellectual who grappled with the crucial religious, political, and social questions of the first two-thirds of the nineteenth century.
Like writers such as Mailer and Susan Sontag, who have also written in several genres and remained outside the academy, Vidal defines the writer's role as that of someone who exercises influence as a public intellectual.
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