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A phylum composed of soft-bodied, bilaterally symmetric wormlike marine animals with gill-slits to the pharynx and a conical proboscis; a ciliated larval stage resembles that of echinoderms.
Synonym(s): Hemichorda
[hemi- + Mod. L. chordata, having a notochord, fr. G. chordē, string]
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Our findings suggest that the tubes were lost in the lineage leading to modern day enteropneusts, but elaborated on in graptolites and retained to the present day in pterobranchs," added Cameron.
One of the big punchlines from my graduate work was molecular evidence that enteropneusts and pterobranchs are closely related," Cameron said.
Researchers say these tubes were lost in the lineage that resulted in modern-day acorn worms, but were retained through graptolites and pterobranchs.