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Pteridophytes of southeast Alabama are represented by seventeen families, twentynine genera, fifty-nine species, two varieties, and four hybrid taxa.
1997 The ecology and phytogeography of Mount Kinabalu pteridophytes.
The availability of the Mickel and Smith treatment facilitated the identification of fern collections in floristic inventories and also furthered studies on pteridophytes and vascular epiphytes in local or regional areas.
VA Mycorrhizal Fungi in the Rhizosphere Soil of Tropical and Subtropical Pteridophytes in Yunnan.
2011, 2014c; Rasulova, 1991), the pteridophytes comprise only 23 species (Ovczinnikov, 1957; Ryabkova, 1963).
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In addition, Equisetum contains a cell wall remodeling enzyme that it appears to share only with Charophytic algae, not with other pteridophytes (even the the most basal pteridophytes, the Lycophyes) (Fry et al.
The first symposium was on the structure of the vascular system of pteridophytes in 1982.
Pteridophytes in our area include the following divisions: Equisetophyta, Lycopodiophyta, and Polypodiophyta.