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Paper presented at the annual meeting of the Psychonomic Society, New Orleans, LA.
Sir, you know how I hate it when you read my Psychonomic Bulletin and Review.
Work ethic" in pigeons: Reward value is directly related to the effort or time required to obtain the reward Psychonomic Bulletin & Review, 7, 100-106.
Symposium conduced at the annual meeting of the Psychonomic Society, Los Angeles, CA.
Research by Maryanne Garry [one of this article's authors] and her colleagues, reported in the 1996 Psychonomic Bulletin & Review, has indicated that, simply by imagining an event, one can become more confident that it occurred.
He has written numerous articles in psychopharmacology for the Bulletin of the Psychonomic Society and the Society for Neuroscience; was a contributor to the Blackwell Handbook on Research Methods in Experimental Psychology.
A study, published in Springer's journal Psychonomic Bulletin & Review, examines how people make judgement calls after playing role-playing video games.
The study has been published in the journal Springer's journal Psychonomic Bulletin and Review.
They were downloaded from the Psychonomic Society's Norms, Stimuli, and Data Archive.
In experimental lotteries, British prisoners displayed little appreciation of benefits that they stood a good chance of winning and often opted for smaller but sure rewards, Pachur and his colleagues conclude in the October Psychonomic Bulletin & Review.
4million for German market research agency Psychonomic in July and more recently bought a stake in US firm Polimetrix.
Fue Editor-fundador de la revista Animal Learning and Behavior (hoy Learning and Behavior) y Editor del Journal of Experimental Psychology, International Journal of Psychophysiology, y Psychonomic Science.