sports psychology

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sports psy·chol·o·gy

(spōrts sī-kolŏ-jē)
Study of emotional, motivational, and personality aspects of sport and exercise.
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Whilst the Italian fencers are training in Qatar, Aspire Academy will provide sports science services for them, including strength and conditioning assessments, physiology, biomechanics, performance analysis, sports psychology, sports nutrition, physiotherapy and medical support in case of injuries.
The proposed introduction of sports sciences would include several areas - sports therapy, sports psychology, sports management, occupational therapy, physiotherapy and sports journalism.
The academy teaches 19 specialisms, including sports analysis, psychology, sports science, leadership, technical skills, nutrition, sports injuries, the athlete's life, organising events, fitness training and coaching.
Not only is there a general increase in uptake of Welshmedium provision across the University, significant increases have been seen in subject areas where the provision is still relatively new, such as Psychology, Sports Science and Healthcare Sciences.
Based at the Brunswick Youth and Community Club in Bootle the programme equivalent to three A-levels so an ideal platform towards university and encompasses anatomy and physiology, fitness, coaching, nutrition, psychology, sports analysis, organising sports events and much more.
The congress will provide new insights for the optimisation of human performance from the world''s experts in sports nutrition, sports psychology, sports physiology and biomechanics.
Here the young jockeys are given in-depth information on fitness, technique, diet, professionalism, psychology, sports science and much more.

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