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In case of emergency the NRCS provide interventions such as: Psychological counselling, support group, medical support, and training: the GBV component is integrated to the health or emergency trainings delivered to the volunteers and regional coordinators who deal with the emergency situation.
Kemertas titled "Psikolojik Danisma ve Rehberlik Kitabi" (Book of Psychological Counselling and Guidance)
Simmons, who has been ordered to register with the police as a sex offender, has been receiving psychological counselling for his problem, said Mr Jones.
Korean-born Ferell, who had been diagnosed with a "borderline personality disorder", was also placed on probation for a period of five years and ordered to continue psychological counselling and enroll in
The Education Ministry's psychological counselling department has been asked to take appropriate action.
Sediuk has also been charged with 20 days of community labor and has been ordered to undergo a year of psychological counselling.
See your doctor and discuss psychological counselling.
Sharjah: Free psychological counselling and orthodontic checks will be offered to pupils and students for a week starting on Friday at Sharjah's Al Lulu Medical Centre.
A JILTED lover suing her millionaire ex for pounds 219,500 should get psychological counselling as "a matter of urgency", a court heard yesterday.
The circular, issued by CBSE chairman Vineeth Joshi, asked for " regular and periodic psychological counselling sessions for every student in the school".
In a nutshell, psychological counselling aims to improve the quality of a person's life by helping people focus on heir own needs and then helping them find ways of satisfying those needs.
She also suggested investing funds to establish workshops and psychological counselling for Syrian refugees.

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