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Adding to the problem is the reluctance on the part of patients to report their pain because they don't want to be seen as complainers, don't want to shift the focus away from the disease itself, fear psychological addiction to the prescribed drugs, are concerned about side-effects that may alter their mental control, and/or worry about building up a tolerance to the drugs.
Although many smokers want to quit, studies show that withdrawing from nicotine dependence using willpower alone is very difficult because smoking is a chronic relapsing medical condition that typically involves a physical and psychological addiction to nicotine.
The course will be conducted in stages, beginning with assessing the nicotine addiction of each individual member, along with their psychological addiction.
But many experts argue that it is the psychological addiction which is the hardest to break.
Smoking it does not always lead to addiction but it can cause a psychological addiction.
Studies have shown that the psychological addiction to buprenorphine is much more mild than that associated with other medications.

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