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A popular term for what some experts in human behaviour regard as nebulous, uncertain, or low-value words and phrases often used by non-degreed persons who ‘practice psychology’ over the air waves
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Such a proposal has its own pit-falls: It's easy to imagine the practice degenerating into psychobabble that blames all violent acts on the perpetrator's unfortunate childhood or poor communication.
I just thought it was great fun, but others started coming out with all this psychobabble and complaining at the intrusion.
Why listen to some psychobabble report from a liberal-minded sociologist emphasising how the poor hard done by criminal was badly affected by the death of his pit bull terrier?
CULTURE Minister Kim Howells relaunched his attack on the Turner prize judges today, accusing them of being black-wearing elites who talk in psychobabble.
That the absence of psychological explanation makes them no less human is a further vindication of Haynes's formalism: "It's the shorthand of psychobabble that we require a sense of depth of character in movies today.
The deal also saves Americans from having to listen to psychobabble from Lindh's parents, who steadfastly maintained that their son was merely a naive kid with a healthy thirst for Islam.
What's most interesting is that President Bush probably won't like this book--and not just because of Bruni's fondness for what he'd consider psychobabble.
Eschewing the psychobabble and sentimentality of such works (of the Ten Steps to Mourning Like the Pros type), Father Neuhaus dilates on death with admirable candor.
On reading the details of the Thanh Phong massacre and the feeble attempts by liberal "healers" to sanitize its heinousness with ambiguity and psychobabble, I found myself charged with the same outrage that I felt during the Vietnam War.
Some critics dismissed the Experience as little more than feel-good psychobabble.
the PR psychobabble says "the personality of the brand is young, user friendly, feminine, informative and arty", so maybe, just maybe, I'm not the target audience
Although life in London still allows for soccer matches and neighborhood pubs, the age of computers, supershopping malls and psychobabble has irrevocably shifted the way even that city operates.