shear thinning

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shear thin·ning

decreasing the viscosity of a polymer or macromolecule or gel by increasing the rate of shear; not ordinarily a function of time.
See also: thixotropy.
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It was found that EVA follows the typical pseudoplastic behavior with power indices within the range of polyethylene's power indices.
2] Transfer to Pseudoplastic Fermentation Broths in Air-Lift Reactors With Different Inner Designs," Biotechnol.
4] on the rheology of quinacridone red pigment dispersion and revealed that the rheology of the treated dispersion is a nearly Newtonian behavior while the untreated one shows a pseudoplastic character.
When n is less than 1, the fluid is pseudoplastic, for n equal to 1, the fluid is Newtonian and when n greater than 1, the fluid is dilatant.
The most important flow types for ink systems are Newtonian, Pseudoplastic and Thixotropic.
Welcome to the unusual world of pseudoplastic liquids, like ketchup, whipped cream, and toothpaste.
Hyaluronic acid is a pseudoplastic, an extremely long-chain polysaccharide possessing both elastic and viscous properties.
Over the past four decades, considerable attention has been given to the study of the phenomena occurring with the motion of rigid spheres in complex materials, namely pseudoplastic and viscoelastic fluids.
Although Dow reports that metallocene-based PEs are more pseudoplastic (i.
Fruit juices made with KELCOGEL PS will exhibit a more pseudoplastic rheology, which translates into excellent suspension properties without adversely impacting mouthfeel.
Access' patented technology surrounds a unique aqueous pseudoplastic liquid with a defined viscosity range, which is beneficial to the treatment of disorders of mucosal tissue, and includes the ability to act as a delivery system for a variety of active agents, including drugs.