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A philosophy described by Nobel laureate Murray Gell-Mann as ‘the dissociation of belief from evidence’
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It is distinct from phrenology, the pseudo-scientific study of a person's personality as foretold by the bumps on their head.
Yet the desecration of hundreds of square miles of Wales with gigantic 450 ft high wind turbines in the name of pseudo-scientific climate change to serve parts of England that do not have a single wind turbine is a hundred times worse than Tryweryn and a complete sell-out of our nation.
McCreight told the Journal and Courier that pseudo-scientific claims are made so often "that I don't have the energy to get worked up about every one.
And in art, the term 'spirituality' has a specific history, which goes back via the abstractionists to theosophy, which was basically a pseudo-scientific form of Gnosticism, and no less heretical for that.
As early as 1936, Nazis started relocating Roma to internment camps, expelling them from trade unions and performing pseudo-scientific genetic evaluations to place Roma in racial typologies.
In its pseudo-scientific approach to rage, the magazine calculated anger through statistics.
Nazism, in so far it was a coherent ideology-although of course it was also a ragbag of pseudo-scientific racist mumbo jumbo-emphasised instinct over analysis, passion over reason, brute force over morality, the athlete over the intellectual, the body over the mind and the laws of "nature" over the dictates of compassion.
Although Young alludes to different scientific and pseudo-scientific discourses about race, such as the notions of Aryan superiority supported by the scientific evidence of cranial measurements and similar other practices, the main purpose of his book seems to lay emphasis on the heterogeneous and dynamic global English identity.
Perhaps it is not all pseudo-scientific, marketing nonsense.
This is carried out with the aim to destroy the Albanian historical continuity and afterwards to come out with pseudo-scientific theses, identical to those from the Academy which state that Albanians settled in these regions after the 17th century," stated Hasani.
Elliott divided the class into groups of blue-eyed and brown-eyed students and used pseudo-scientific gobbledygook to explain why kids with blue eyes were naturally superior to those with brown eyes.
Thus, for example, a piece in this issue by Steven Surman documents the harsh treatment traditionally rained down upon gay young people in the Mormon Church, made worse today by the use of pseudo-scientific "treatments" for homosexuality.

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