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A philosophy described by Nobel laureate Murray Gell-Mann as ‘the dissociation of belief from evidence’
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In keeping with the tale of mysterious dark forces and mechanical worlds, Lighthouse's puzzles are based on a pseudo-scientific technology that's been completely integrated with the game environment.
When the scientific community rejects the religious right's pseudo-scientific ideas about human origins, theocrats complain of unfair treatment and hint darkly of conspiracies, again playing the victim card.
Intelligent design" is a dreadful piece of pseudo-scientific nonsense which implies (rather heretically) the need for all complex things to have a maker - even the maker.
Creationism is an article of blind faith shrouded in pseudo-scientific respectability which attempts to do the same.
Psychiatrists are diagnosing children with the pseudo-scientific condition, despite it never having been scientifically labelled.
But the citizens of Kansas - especially its students - would benefit from a thoughtful presentation by scientists of what it really means to call something a scientific theory, and what kinds of things the pseudo-scientific "theory of intelligent design" would have to do to be taken seriously by scientists.
This spurious metabolic state has been designated "the Zone" but it's pseudo-scientific jargon.
The latter simultaneously reject Lombroso's work as a pseudo-scientific assault on 'il bello' and self-consciously embrace the symptoms of the 'degenerato superiore'.
Dennis Kardon's array of 49 sculpted ``Jewish Noses'' parodies the 19th-century, pseudo-scientific obsession with classifying alleged ``racial'' differences.
An intellectually sophisticated adventure, Lighthouse engages players with a compelling plot, outstanding 3-D rendered graphics and animations and integrated puzzles with gameplay based on the operation of pseudo-scientific technology within that environment.
Today we are fed up with men adopting a pseudo-scientific approach to our bodies and telling us things we are perfectly capable of finding out for ourselves.
The juxtaposition of particular texts highlights the bombast and hollowness of official Fascist discourse and allows Pugliese to capture some of the vital moments of the period in very dramatic fashion: see, for example, the pseudo-scientific language of the Manifesto degli scienziati razzisti placed before Coen's chillingly simple account of the round-up of Jews in Rome, or Matteotti's impassioned protests followed by Mussolini's 'assumption of responsibility'.

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