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A philosophy described by Nobel laureate Murray Gell-Mann as ‘the dissociation of belief from evidence’
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He will demonstrate that with pseudo-science you don't need proof, you just need to be desperate to believe.
Pseudo-science too-The Thing about Thugs uses the 19th-century fad of phrenology, or skull- reading.
While various religions and cultures have their own creation myths, mostly written back in the Bronze Age, there are now Creationists who are inventing pseudo-science based on their interpretation of the Bible or other ancient books, and attempting to wedge this into the teaching of evidence-based science.
In the latter part of the 20th century, the pseudo-science psychiatry and its cousin psychology insinuated themselves into our educational system with disastrous effects.
Percy alleges that analysis is, a pseudo-science without offering any evidence.
Odent uses some pseudo-science to bolster his argument.
Science in the early Muslim period is largely forgotten today in the Western world, or relegated to pseudo-science," Huddle said.
This collection of essays, written by an international team of sixteen scholars, is a much needed antidote to the current tad in which International Relations are twisted into an abstract pseudo-science with 'models'.
Apprentice is the first of what Terrible Baby intends to be a line of thought-provoking, maximalist, pseudo-science, pseudo-history, archaic, comedic epics.
They even tried to throw some pseudo-science into the mix by discussing the geological theory of pole shift, where it is postulated that in 2012, the Earth will align with both the sun and the center of the Milky Way galaxy, causing the North and South Poles to change position, resulting in massive natural disasters.
The pseudo-science of Alchemy was centuries of ago viewed as a true science.
Together with many colleagues in Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky, I signed a petition explaining the differences between science and pseudo-science.

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