Prussian blue stain

Prus·sian blue stain

a stain employing acid potassium ferrocyanide to demonstrate iron, as in siderocytes.
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In this situation, a positive reaction with a Prussian blue stain, as opposed to one with a Fontana-Masson stain, can confirm the presence of hemosiderin.
3), and alveoli with numerous haemosiderin-containing histiocytes, and the Prussian blue stain for iron confirmed severe pulmonary haemosiderosis (Fig.
Golde has introduced a ranking score, based on the hemosiderin content of macrophages which enables ranking cells from 0 to 4 based on the degree of Prussian blue stain.
Prussian blue stain revealed abundant hemosiderin particles in these same macrophages (Figure 4), with absence of staining in the uninvolved portions of the lung parenchyma.