proximal tubule

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proximal tubule

The first part of the tubular system of a nephron after the Bowman's capsule. It has convoluted and straight segments and is followed by the distal tubule.

proximal tubule

the convoluted tube between the loop of Henle and Bowman's capsule in the vertebrate kidney.


a small tube; a minute canal found in various structures or organs of the body.

collecting t's
the terminal channels of the nephrons which open on the summits of the renal papillae or renal crests.
convoluted t's
channels which follow a tortuous course. See also renal tubules (below) and tubuli contorti.
dentinal t's
minute channels in the dentine of a tooth that extend from the pulp cavity to the cement or the enamel. Called also dentinal canaliculi.
galactophorous t's
small channels for the passage of milk from the secreting cells in the mammary gland. Called also lactiferous ducts.
Henle's t's
see henle's tubules.
lactiferous t's
see lactiferous ducts.
mesonephric t's
the tubules comprising the mesonephros, or temporary kidney, of amniotes.
metanephric t's
the tubules comprising the permanent kidney of amniotes.
proximal tubule
intrarenal site for the reabsorption of most of the protein in the tubular fluid.
proximal convoluted tubule
the portion of the nephron immediately succeeding the glomerulus; susceptible to disease because of its early exposure to toxins in the glomerular filtrate.
renal t's
the minute canals made up of basement membrane and lined with epithelium, composing the substance of the kidney and secreting, reabsorbing, collecting and conducting the urine. Include proximal convoluted, the nephron loop (containing the proximal straight tubule, descending and ascending thin, and the distal straight tubules) and the distal convoluted tubules.
seminiferous t's
the tubules of the testis, in which spermatozoa develop and through which they leave the gland.
uriniferous t's
renal tubules; channels for the passage of urine.
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Their identification and subsequent treatment with cholecalciferol (Vitamin D3) or ergocalciferol (Vitamin D2) in order to obtain adequate seric levels, allows a greater amount of substrate for the proximal convoluted tubule cells, and then inside improve the synthesis of the active form of vitamin D (calcitriol or 1,25(OH)2D) in patients with CKD without dialysis requirements, avoiding the development of all complications from hyperparathyroidism.
This, first of all, is expressed in the form of expanding of the renal corpuscle and glomerulus size, change of the size of proximal convoluted tubule opening.
The variables eccentricity, coefficient of form and index of convolution did not present a significant difference between treated and control groups, in contrast with the data of Ravagnani for cell nuclei of the distal and proximal convoluted tubules as well as the collecting duct, which showed greater values for the fetuses exposed to acyclovir.
While, under low dose of cadmium chloride, mild to moderate changes in hepatocytes around blood vessels in liver, reduction in thickness of epithelium and muscular layer in gizzard; and slight alterations in arrangement of tubules of loop of henle in the kidney of proximal convoluted tubules with granular cytoplasm were observed.
This result is in accord with the Khorsandi and Orazizadeh18 who observed loss of brush border in proximal convoluted tubules after single oral dose of 500 mg/kg of acetaminophen in mouse.
A higher D FNx01 in IM implied that there existed faster tubular fluid flow in descending and ascending limbs than proximal convoluted tubules, which was rational on the basis of renal physiology.
Proximal convoluted tubules revealed mild degree (+) of granular degenerative changes in epithelial cells along with protein casts in three animals of group I.
It is also expressed by the proximal convoluted tubules where re-absorption occurs.
Parietal and visceral walls of the Bowman's capsule, capillaries of the glomeruli, the basement membranes of the proximal and distal convoluted tubules and the brush borders of the proximal convoluted tubules exhibited strong positive reaction with PAS technique.
In contrast, NDGA group shows numerous epithelial cells from proximal convoluted tubules with Nrf2 nuclear staining which is three-fold higher than in U-NX group (Fig.
Kidneys of 2 out of 5 birds exhibited degenerative and necrotic changes in the proximal convoluted tubules.

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