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As part of the settlement, Teva also has agreed to a prohibition on the type of anticompetitive patent settlements that Cephalon used to artificially inflate the price of Provigil.
It shot to fame when Dave Asprey, the founder of The Bulletproof Executive and self-described "biohacker" credited the use of Provigil to his success in Silicon Valley.
Worst of all, Provigil subdues the very natural and normal urge to sleep, masking someone's ability to tell when it's time to check out for the night.
Teva contracted not to sell generic Provigil in the United States or the European Union until 2012 as per the conditions of the deal.
Perhaps her secret is the Provigil medication spotted in her handbag in LA.
Modafinil, marketed as Provigil by Cephalon, is approved for improving wakefulness in people with excessive sleepiness associated with narcolepsy, obstructive sleep apnea/hypopnea syndrome (OSAHS), and shift work sleep disorder (SWSD).
Provigil has been used to treat excessive sleepiness caused by certain sleep disorders since 1999.
We believe the characteristics of the alcohol dependence market parallel those we encountered when we first launched PROVIGIL to treat excessive sleepiness.
She is being treated with a stimulant called Provigil, which is not prescribed for children in the UK.
The drug's creators hope it can enjoy similar success to Provigil - also called modafinil - which has been approved in the US to combat sleepiness
Included here are performance-enhancing surgery and medications--think of wavefront-guided laser lens sculpting for better than 20/20 vision or Provigil (modafinil), a memory enhancing drug used to combat fatigue.
The '516 patent covers the pharmaceutical compositions of the form of modafinil contained in PROVIGIL Tablets (C-IV) and does not expire until 2014.