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He was called Protector of the Poor by some one not unlike a starving Jackal but a little time ago.
com)-- An innovative new product designed to effectively address a common household problem, the Toe Protectors, has been developed by Wilma Powell of East St.
The winning design will be made into a 20th birthday cake for PDSA's children's club, Pet Protectors.
General information: The directive on the protection of workers from the risks related to exposure to noise at work (86/188/EEC) requires that workers should be provided with hearing protectors if the noise exposure is greater than 90 dB(A) or, in the case of impulsive noise, the maximum sound pressure level is greater than 200 Pascal.
Type Commander Kit (TYKIT) provides initial issue and are to be stored when not in use in the same manner as previous hatch protectors.
It's easy to spread bacteria and disease through whatever you touch," says Hassan Jawad, General Manager of the company 14 Lights, which is bringing the new generation of protectors to the UK and Gulf States.
ON THE day wearing of body protectors became compulsory for all stable employees riding out from racing yards, trainer Charlie Mann hit out at the "namby pamby" attitude of the Horseracing Regulatory Authority for introducing the rule.
The most common--often the only--power of trust protectors is the ability to replace a trustee who is unresponsive to the needs of the beneficiaries or who is not performing to the standard required by the trust's investment policy statement (IPS).
Hard hip protectors that shunt the energy of an impact toward surrounding tissues guard against hip fracture better than soft, energy-absorbing protectors do, reported Dr.
What seems to terrify these protectors most' he notes, "is not the danger of drugs, violence, the sexualizing of young children, or even teacher incompetence -- things about which most parents are concerned.
To RONTO -- Many primary care physicians are overlooking the benefits of hip protectors in elderly patients at risk for hip fracture, according to an expert on aging.
LAS VEGAS -- BITS Limited, a leading manufacturer of energy saving surge protectors, introduces the True Surge Smart Strip[R] surge protector, the greenest and safest surge protector on the market today.