personal protective equipment

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personal protective equipment (PPE)

a part of standard precautions for all health care workers to prevent skin and mucous membrane exposure when in contact with blood and body fluid of any patient. Personal equipment includes protective laboratory clothing, disposable gloves, eye protection, and face masks. See also Standard Precautions.
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Personal protective equipment

personal protective equipment

Personal protective gear Infection control Specialized–ie, not 'standard issue' clothing or equipment worn by an employee for protection against a hazard, in particular blood-borne pathogens Appropriate PPE Gloves, gown, lab coats, face shields or masks, eye protection, mouthpieces, resuscitation bags, pocket masks, or other ventilation devices. See Double gloving, Gloves, Handwashing, Mask, Shield, Spacesuit.

per·son·al pro·tec·tive e·quip·ment

(PPE) (pĕr'sŏn-ăl prŏ-tek'tiv ĕ-kwip'mĕnt)
Specialized clothing or equipment (e.g., gloves, lab coats, eye protection, and breathing apparatus) used by workers (e.g., emergency medical services personnel) to protect themselves from direct exposure to blood or other potentially hazardous materials to avoid injury or disease.

personal protective equipment

Clothing, masks, gloves, or other gear that protects a person from exposure to noxious chemicals or transmissible diseases.
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Researchers at John Hopkins University in Baltimore have developed a prototype protective suit that is easy to take off and also cooler - an important benefit in hot, humid regions such as West Africa.
I entreat you, speaking with the ignorance of a welder, to explain to me how to put on a protective suit, since unfortunately my wife did not get a master's degree in such matters.
But one important caution with the vest systems: You can't wear them under CBRN protective suits such as JSLIST unless the suit is specifically designed with a microclimate pass-through.
A video of the skateboarder, broadcast on German television, showed a helmeted figure wearing a red and white protective suit building up speed by holding onto the back of a motorcycle before letting go and freewheeling.
Germany's Karcher reports that its new NBC protective suit, the Safeguard 3002-A1, is made from a homogeneous filter material which provides a light weight and advanced protective properties.
The guy spraying had a protective suit but no mask.
He had a protective suit on, but he wore no mask or face shield.
In cases where instructors have scenarios set up where officers must subdue a role-player wearing some type of protective suit, they can have a second role-player nearby wearing regular street clothes and a concealed weapon.
The $34 million lab is expected to be home to about 80 investigators annually who will perform simulations on the effects of radiation on organic and inorganic samples, including DNA and protective suit materials.
I have spent too many hours traveling in a hot [armored vehicle] in a biochemical protective suit and boots, helmet, and flack jacket.
During the civil preparedness drill known as the Shadow Bowl, a first responder donned VivoMetrics' LifeShirt and Siemens' TeleTrak beneath a fully enclosed hazardous materials protective suit.

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